Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"I am very sorry. I understand your situation. But the rules say you can't"

Six days separate us

23 years brought us together

My cousin. My friend. My sister.

Twenty three years

Of happiness and tears

Of dreams and fears

New discoveries

Adventures together

You were always the brave one.

The first to do something

I always followed. Hesitantly. But I did

The first to ride a cycle. Then the kinetic.

The first to go to hostel. The first to talk to boys.

The first to travel alone. To go out with friends.

To have fun. To cry your heart out. To get angry.

The first to break rules.

To do things that I could never have dreamed of.

To live.

I was the quiet one.

Immersed in my books.

Always followed the rules.

And now these rules.

Come back at me.

I miss the most important moment in your life.

“ I am very sorry but you can’t go to your sisters wedding.

The rues don’t allow it”

Why do people hide behind rules when they have to make a decision?

Why are rules always right and people always wrong?