Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Live in the Moment?

Is there any such thing as a perfect moment in life? A time when everything comes together and happens with smooth precision? Everything that you have dreamed and planned and waited for happens exactly the way you wanted it to, at the exact point in time you were expecting it to? And even if that happens do you really feel the way you thought you would?

Most of my life I have always waited for moments like those and they have never happened. Live in the moment seems such a simple adage ( to the point of stupidity even, or so I have thought). Is that what life is about? Why are the simplest truths the most difficult to understand?

It’s taken me a long long time just to redefine my concept of perfection. Twenty two years of time wasted, just waiting for things that never hapenned. There’s a poster put up on one of these hallowed walls which says ‘Every cubic inch of space is a miracle’. Every second is a miracle too. A moment of perfection.