Wednesday, April 10, 2013


On days like today
When I have waited since morning
To escape into silence
And I finally hear the rhythm of your breath
Falling into the darkness
I take back all those dark thoughts I had
All those minor irritations
And wish I had been more patient.

Friday, April 05, 2013


It's that painful time again when we have to move. Unfortunately it seems like I cannot stay put in any place for more than two years. And this time we are making the move from Sydney to Adelaide which is a much smaller place.
I haven't even started packing yet, I hate to leave all our friends and the worst part is my son is going to be missing all of his. I am one of those people who have constantly had to move during my working life, and I have done it without too much of a fuss. But this time it just seems too tough to have to start all over again.
We have got a house in a neighborhood I don't like too much, but as its a 6 month lease, we are hoping to find a better one in a few months.
My one visit to Adelaide left me with mixed feelings. Its a small town so Prashanth will spend less time travelling to work. But we have t start on the process of making friends as we know absolutely no one there right now.
It is going to be a tough time ahead but I am hoping the change will do all of us good. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Discovering the pleasures of cooking

The alchemy of spices and grains,
In just the right proportions
Crackling mustard,
The perfume of curry leaves sizzling in hot oil
Turmeric that stains sunshine yellow
And chilli that packs a punch
Mellow coriander for depth and flavour
All come together to create my lunch!