Monday, April 30, 2007

Whither Thy Name??

Most bands make me wonder how they were named. They don’t seem to be related to anything at all. Like Smashing Pumpkins. Or Pink floyd. Or Deep Purple. Jethro Tull. Led Zepplin. My time in Wipro being well-spent, a search on google led me to , a site listing origins for some band names. Some of the explanations were wildly entertaining while others pretty boring. Most disappointing of all was Pink Floyd from whom i had expected a much better story, given its reputation.


What makes a concert? Music. Guitars. Drums. Voices. Lights. Special Effects. Singing. Audience. All that and still more.
Imagination. Arrogance. In-your-face-attitude. Spunk. And sheer love for music. That’s what I saw in a rock show this weekend. The Junk Yard Groove, one of Chennai’s most famous bands, with the enviable reputation of not having lost any contest they’ve entered.
An open amphitheatre at the YMCA grounds. A reasonably sized crowd. A tamil rock song too. A good performance and a great evening.
I met a budding rock star too that night. Most unrock- like. A software engineer by profession, clean shaven with not a hair out of place. A cultured voice and obviously no drugs. Whats rock without the bad boys?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nothing to Do

An air-conditioned room when the temperature outside is around 40 and steadily increasing. A 24- hour internet connection (with the interesting sites blocked off course). An entire cubicle to call my own, along with drawers which I can never fill. A salary too for the two months I am here. The only thing missing is work, something I didn’t think I would miss so badly.
I am back in Wipro again. For summer training this time. Nothing really seems to have changed. I have been saddled with a vague project that nobody including my guide seems to have a clue about. No attendance, no one to check on me, stretchable schedules and six cafeterias on campus. Life should be good.
It’s not unfortunately. I am bored out of my wits. All around me people seem to be working frantically all day. I am tired of surfing the net, especially because all the sites I really want to see are all blocked – yahoo mail, gmail and orkut. This should be the perfect time to churn out those pages on the blog.
But I am a strange creature. I have this overpowering urge to write only when I don’t really have the time to, especially during my end term exams. And the rest of the time, a terrible inertia settles, making any occupation other than sleeping really difficult. And after a time, sleeping in office gets really embarrassing. So churning seems to be my only option now.
Why do all IT companies go on this hiring spree, with no idea really where to place the new hires? Wipro this year recruited around 180 summer interns from b-schools across the country. And most seem to be in the same sad state I am in - with guides who are too busy to take time off, or irritated with the obligation they have been saddled with, and most are actually wondering what they are doing in the organization. Not the best way to encourage people to join them after the course I should think.
Time for my second coffee break. The tale of woes will continue….