Friday, June 17, 2011

In appreciation of my coffee mug

My contribution for the prompt at Applehouse Poetry Workshop. An appreciation for anordinary thing that we use everyday.

Appreciating the humble coffee mug

Today I want to say something wonderful

About my coffee mug

The first thing I want to see everyday

Steaming in the morning light

I hug its well-rounded contours

Close to my chest and sigh deeply

With pure pleasure

As warmth seeps into me

I take a deep deep breath

Inhale the aroma

Of hot filter coffee

Freshly brewed

The wide handle fits easily into my palm

Encircled by fingers and thumb

The soft pastel colour

Patterned with flowers

Are a welcome sight for sleepy eyes

Every morning

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Next Step

My contribution for this week on Sunday Scribblings

Im always waiting to see

Where the next step will take me

Where I am right now

Dosent really matter somehow

The future is what’s exciting

Alluring, inviting

Will it bring something I've been waiting for so long

A chance to right a wrong

A chance to win the game

A chance to make a name

The next step is waiting for me

If only I could see what it would bring me