Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Next Step

My contribution for this week on Sunday Scribblings

Im always waiting to see

Where the next step will take me

Where I am right now

Dosent really matter somehow

The future is what’s exciting

Alluring, inviting

Will it bring something I've been waiting for so long

A chance to right a wrong

A chance to win the game

A chance to make a name

The next step is waiting for me

If only I could see what it would bring me


jaerose said...

Maybe part of the adventure is not knowing what the next step would be..if we always knew we might not take it..very thoughtful write..Jae

Mary said...

Ah yes, if only we knew the future....and that it would be as exciting as we hope.

Priyadarshini said...

Thanks Jae and Mary
I have been trying to write after a long long time and its wonderful to have such encouraging comments :)))

Jingle Poetry said...

playful and hopeful words.
well done.