Monday, April 30, 2007


What makes a concert? Music. Guitars. Drums. Voices. Lights. Special Effects. Singing. Audience. All that and still more.
Imagination. Arrogance. In-your-face-attitude. Spunk. And sheer love for music. That’s what I saw in a rock show this weekend. The Junk Yard Groove, one of Chennai’s most famous bands, with the enviable reputation of not having lost any contest they’ve entered.
An open amphitheatre at the YMCA grounds. A reasonably sized crowd. A tamil rock song too. A good performance and a great evening.
I met a budding rock star too that night. Most unrock- like. A software engineer by profession, clean shaven with not a hair out of place. A cultured voice and obviously no drugs. Whats rock without the bad boys?

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