Monday, December 28, 2009

Life and Work

The past 4 months have been an interesting time for me. I took a decision which I felt had been long overdue, and which most people viewed as risky or downright stupid. I quit a very well paying job in Mumbai to come to Chennai so that we could have the married life that we had missed out for over a year post wedding. We found a house, settled down and had (are still having) such a good time, that the lack of the job didn’t really bother me. Except that is when random people asked me if I had found a job yet, or how I managed to pass the time at home.
I realized that life can actually be stress free and happy, even though I missed the routine of work and going to an office, the camaraderie, I didn’t really feel something significant missing from my life, except moneywise. This was such a big revelation because I had just spent the last one year in Mumbai, working, and doing just that. It had become the central focus in my life around which everything else was arranged. To top this off, it was a job that I hated. Why did I make something I hated the central focus of my life? As do most people I know. Dissatisfied with everything in life. Constantly looking out for something else to do, hta tmay perhaps make our meaningless lives more meaningful.
My mother calls us the ‘spoilt generation’. We have had things too easy so far, not had to struggle for basic necessities like our parents generation, that just any ‘job’ will do. No, it has to interest us, promise us growth in the organization, give us a good boss, and most important of all pay well. Very few, if any jobs that fulfill this criterion and even if they do, we just keep looking for the next big fix.
I think I needed this time, this little break to recoup my life, rearrange my priorities. And now, im ready to go. Im sure it wont be work first anymore. I know it wont be as dreamy as life has been these past few months. I hope I get to enjoy that as well.

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