Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Best Friend's Wedding

Today my best friend is getting married and I’m not there. Four years of our lives we spent together. The four best years of my life. Engineering College.
We entered college together with dreams in our eyes, we were disappointed together, we rediscovered what college is really about, together. Living just four houses away from each other, we went to college together, missed buses together. Studied together, presented papers, had accidents, went shopping, did projects, placecom duties, hoarded books in the library, wore sarees, watched movies, played with London and shreya. Ate, slept, talked and entered Wipro. Went late everywhere, confused and frustrated everyone around us. Had accidents, got shouted at- by professors, policemen, All together. People said we even looked the same.
And then college was over. Wipro beckoned and we split. Me in cochin and she in Chennai and then Bangalore. We still managed to keep in touch, irregularly though.
Bhubaneshwar next. Even further away. And then she tells me her wedding is fixed.
Suddenly she’s in a different league.
Time changes everything. Just one year has passed and already those 4 seem far far away.


Anonymous said...

Isn't life unfair?

Priyadarshini said...

totally totally :((