Monday, November 06, 2006

Stereotypes Go Out of the Window

There are so many firsts in life and I have just experienced one of them. A real life rock concert which to my surprise I really enjoyed. Rock to me has always signified men with long dirty hair wearing really dirty tshirts, singing incomprehensible songs at the top of their voices, played at full volume by people who use fuck as every second word in any sentence.

So when my friend dragged me to attend this final concert of xpressions, which by the way is our college fest, currently going on, I reluctantly agreed. And I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed the music (which I had never really thought of in that sense before). The band was Pentagram, an obscure Indian rock band to me at least. But soemthign about the music caught and held me. It was an indescribable feeling, the way I felt listening to the music. Who knows maybe I might end up as a die-hard fan of hard rock


Kat said...

Great that the music had rocked you :-)))

but do not change policy on unkempt hair and unwashed tshirts..!!!!

Priya-Prashanth said...

If darshini would start liking rock, I guess I would feel stupid to go on listening to it. I am switching to carnatic

Priyadarshini said...

@ kat
yeah thats definately staying :))

i didnt htink u were this dumb