Thursday, November 23, 2006


Yesterday was a momentous occasion in my life. The first election I have ever faced. I went prepared to make a fool of myself, and surprised myself. Being 13th in line didn’t really do anything to boost my sagging morale, but two last minute points from two of my friends saved me at the last minute. And surprise surprise, I returned to my seat with thunderous applause. What was this suggestion I had made? That we have online elections from the next year onwards and eliminate manual elections which are really a waste of time!!

Even more surprising was the fact that I actually got 82 votes, something totally unexpected to me. Of course I didn’t get into Xsys which is what the election had been for, but who cares about trivial issues like that! ;))

What did I learn? That my networking is next to nothing. That i can soemtimes speak in front of a crowd. That I am very uncomfortable talking about myself. I prefer blunt honesty to grandoise phrases. That there are actually soem people willing to vote for me inspite of all these drawbacks :))


Kat said...

Hillary's Presedential run seems ripples... to the Waves you seem to have caused.... :-)) GREAT to see you discvering your Strengths..!!!

Priyadarshini said...

Thanks for that but it is too much of an exaggeration :DD