Monday, May 28, 2007

Unreasonable Reactions

I met a classmate again yesterday, from a long time ago. Why do some people always elicit the same reactions from you no matter how older or ‘grown-up’ you think you have become? Unreasonable reactions. Were there some invisible vibes that only I could catch and feel uncomfortable about?
An unexpected meeting this was. She had become thinner and much prettier. A trace of an accent too. But the unreasonableness welled up from within and I was left waiting to end the conversation and get back to the comfort of my friends. To people I felt secure with and didn’t feel like I was acting a part.
Was that what I was doing? For the ten years in school? Was that why I didn’t make an attempt to keep in touch with my classmates? Do we really grow up and mature? Or do we just play different parts?


justme said...

One reason why I took myself of orkut. I was better of without knowing wat the people I knew were upto?

Ve always wondered why as well, but never found d answer..

Priyadarshini said...

But I always thought i wud grow out of adoloscent reactions.. :( Maybe its more becuase of feeling i have to live up to some (imagined) expectations...
I dont know..

justme said...

Maybe.. Maybe you are completely different from wat u were wen u knew that person and you do not want to answer difficult questions..