Tuesday, May 29, 2007


May 23rd was the birthday of two very unlikely friends of mine. Unlikely in the way we became friends, through the internet. Unlikely that we have stayed friends for so long and not drifted apart in the way that a lot of my friendships do. Two people totally unlike each other.
Raakesh. One of a disappearing breed of book readers who would never dream of listing Sidney Sheldon or Dan Brown as a favorite author. Who shares a passion for the written word and constantly introduces me to writers I’ve never heard of before. Who never ceases to amaze me with his literary skills. (And sometimes misleads me into thinking someone else’s poems, his own :)) Who manages to stay supremely unaffected by the ultra competitive world that is IIM-L. Whom I hope will get round to writing his novel before drinking himself into oblivion.
Ramakrishnan. Technical Wizard. Nature Lover. Ceaseless Questioner, with an inexhaustible interest in everything he sees or hears. Sharply Observant. Conscientious (Remembering my birthday even if I forget his). Interesting. Irritating (because he disagrees with most things I write). Hard working. Sincere. Genuine. A great friend.

Happy Belated Birthday to both of you. May you have a wonderful year ahead.


justme said...

Raakesh's Literary skills.. He can write and write and write and at the end of it there will be 2 classes of reader,

Class 1 --> Wow, that was amazing.
Class 2 --> God, what was that?!! I have a headache..

I wish I was class 1 but nah.. aint happening.I hope he does read this comment...! ;-)

Priyadarshini said...

Will make sure that he does :DD